Our Mission

The Red Brick is building and strengthening community while creating an inspiring home for local organizations and the arts.


Over the past three years, the Red Brick has embarked on a journey of incredible growth and impact in the community. This has helped us work towards our vision of being Aspen's premier local arts organization. 


Because we focus on local art and art in the community, we strive to ensure the following values are instilled in all of our programs and initiatives:



Warmth and Welcoming

Positive Energy

An attitude of servitude



At The Red Brick, we serve our mission through the following objectives and goals:

Providing arts education programming for kids and adults

Providing educational opportunities for artists of all abilities

Providing a gallery space dedicated to the exhibition of  local art and artists

Facilitating a Resident Artists program that provides affordable studio space to local artists within a collaborative and creative environment

Managing The Red Brick Center on behalf of the City of Aspen, assuring it’s financial stability and continued upkeep and maintenance

Providing meeting space and rehearsal space to community organizations at affordable costs

Providing affordable office  space to non-profits

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Jackie Kasabach, Board President

Barbara Reid, Board Secretary

John Redmond, Board Treasurer


Board of Trustees

Sheila Babbie

Anne Byard

Eric Chase

Steve Kelly

Anne Mullins, City Council Liaison



Board of Trustees

Dinah Kinsman

Lynda MacCarthy

Jim Morris

Toney Thomas

Bob Camp, Board Emeritus


Ashley Massow

Director of Operations & Marketing

Liz Waters

Youth Education Consultant

Lorraine Davis

Adult Education Consultant

Teran Hughes

Facilities Management Consultant

All of our programs, scholarships, educational opportunities, and monthly gallery openings are funded entirely by individual donations, community giving and foundation grants.  With a commitment to providing affordable and attainable options for artistic education and experiences to the whole community, our success lies in the financial contributions, volunteerism, and attendance of our supporters.

The Red Brick began as the Aspen/Snowmass Council for the arts in 1973, with the mission of lobbying the City of Aspen for additional arts funding.  Once that mission was successful, the Council continued its work to promote the arts through a membership program of artists and arts organizations.

In the late 1990's, the Board of the Council began working with the City to convert the vacant Red Brick Schoolhouse (pictured) into a community center for the arts.  Due to the City funding required to obtain and renovate the building, the proposal was put on a voter ballot and passed.  By three votes.  With such a close margin, the opponents and proponents came together to work on an agreement that developed into what you now know as the Red Brick Center for the Arts.

What was once the Aspen/Snowmass Council for the Arts has evolved into the non-profit organization who presents educational opportunities, programs, and experiences in the arts while serving as the stewards and managers of The Red Brick Center, and together we are The Red Brick!